My interest in photography spans more than forty years and although it encompasses a number of genreā€™s my affection for the simple distillation of images, particularly those with strong narrative power is one that remains consistent irrespective of the photos I am taking. Often the subjects I photograph already have a strong story telling/documentary element, but by selectively composing, sensitively using lighting and carefully controlling tonal gradations, visual dialogue can be enhanced resulting in a more evocative and thought provoking final mage. Whether I am printing in colour or monochrome I enjoy natural lighting and have a penchant for hard aggressive printing. I work in panels and produce congruent and thematic bodies of work.

I enjoy giving talks and lectures to photographic clubs and societies. Clubs are able select the panels and genres of work they want included in a lecture. This way they create their own bespoke evening of visual entertainment based upon the needs/interests of the club membership together with the requirements of the club program.

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Colin Trow-Poole Oradour